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Technology Transfer Achievement

Artificial Slag Reefs

  • Steel slag has a large amount of iron in it, which promotes the growth of algae

    - Successful development of artificial slag reefs with ecological safety, carbon reduction effects and algae affinity

  • Overcome negative perceptions about the steel slag by effective marketing of ecological restoration

    - Approved as a regular artificial reef (Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, 2014)

Mercury Adsorption Solution

  • RIST remediated a mercury spill-over accident in a domestic fluorescent lamp factory
  • Improved adsorption of mercury in the filter by reaction with chlorine dioxide

    - Helped design, install, assess and evaluate adsorption equipment
    - Maintained mercury concentration < 500 μg/N㎥ and provided technical guidance

High Strength Wide Sheet Piles

  • Developed high-strength wide-sheet piles to minimize connection for excavation retaining wall and underwater barrier

    - Reduced cost by 15-20%; improved workability

  • The company that received technology transfer jumped into the underwater barrier market where concrete barrier had been dominating, and raised annual sales by US $ 5 million

    - Contributes to national pollution reduction such as Flood protection and prevention of leakage leachate from landfill

Eco-friendly Steel House

  • Transferred Green steel house construction methods and non-bearing dry wall technology

    - Supported company until commercial stage with dispatching researchers

  • Provided jobs and social service to the most vulnerable people by transferring the technology to social enterprises

Zinc Oxide Recovery

  • Technology that collects high-purity zinc oxide from the second waste dust of the steel-making process

    - Used as a raw material in rubber (tires), ceramics, electronics and cosmetics industry, animal feeds

  • Transferred technology to RISTecBiz, subsidiary of RIST
    (annual revenue of US $ 7 million)

    - Awarded as “Leading Recycling Company” (Recycling Day 2016)