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Technology Transfer means RIST may allow third parties to use its research results.

  • Technology Transfer
  • Intellectual property rights (Patent rights, utility models, know-how, computer program, semi-conductor circuit arrangement design)
  • Technology support (facility setting, design, application service)
  • Prototype product manufacturing technology developed by RIST
  • Definition of Technology Transfer (Article 2 of the Technology Transfer Promotion Act)

    Technology Transfer means transfer from the owner to other parties, of patent rights, utility models, design semi-conductor arrangement design, capital goods produced using technologies, and software from.
  • Type of Transfer
  • Non-exclusive: technology transfer to various people or organizations at lower cost
  • Exclusive: for a higher fee people or organizations can hold exclusive right to the technology
  • Support for commercialization of RIST's Patent Rights
  • For the licensed technologies of RIST
  • Support programs: Research expenses of RIST and finance support from government
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  • RIST's commercialization support of licensing technology