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Smart Solution Research Center

Smart Solution Research Center

  • research area
  • RISA - Automated Microstructure Analysis Solution

  • AI system specialized in automatic quantitative analysis of steel microstructure
  • Cathode material for lithium ion battery, nugget size measurement for spot welding
  • Steel identification and prediction of mechanical properties from microstructure image
  • Scheduled for release in June 2023
  • Video Motion Magnification for SHM

  • Technology that measures the deflection, displacement, and vibration of minute movements that are invisible to the naked eye
  • Safe non-contact measurement technology during normal operation
  • Applicable to various fields such as lightweight structures, rotating machinery, and civil infrastructure
  • Scheduled for release in June 2023
  • Smart Factory and scale-up engineering

  • Failure free technologies for key equipment of steel making processes
  • Thermal flow analysis and process control technologies for anode material production
  • Design & development of ultra-high temperature furnaces for artificial graphite
  • Robotization of large plant and fusion sensors for extreme condition

  • Robot for automation of steel marking process
  • Mobile drone robot for fire detection of underground facility (culvert)
  • Environment sensing technologies using LiDAR + Radar + Camera fusion
  • Multi-TDLS Technology for smart chimney TMS(Tele Monitoring System)
  • Artificial intelligence and smart safety

  • Integrated quality analysis using big data of process, condition and product
  • Phase classification & segmentation of microstructure with deep neural network
  • Vibration analysis of large facilities and structures by image motion amplification
  • Intelligent CCTV technology for workplace safety monitoring