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Innovative Planning Department

Innovative Planning Department

Innovative Planning Department is creating new growth engines by discovering future innovations.
We are excavating and scaling up new growth seeding technology systematically and building successful Scale-up system through AI/CAE resources and O&C reinforcement. In addition, we continue to expand And upgrade the service sector for analysis and evaluation.

Key business areas

New Growth Engine and commercialization, Engineering solutions, Analysis

R&D Achievement

PG-NCM Application of now co-precipitation Technology

  • "Design of 1xN Commercial Co-precipitation process for PG-NCM Active materials"

    Automation of the precursor manufacturing process from batch-based process

    Development of the flow control system that transports different types of metallic materials

    CAE-based engineering to design Co-precipitation Reactor

RISA Automatic steel microstructure analysis

  • "Automated analysis of steel microstructure using artificial intelligence(AI)"

    learning 50,000 of optical microscope, electron microscope images

    Achieve 95% accuracy of phase classification and quick analysis in a few seconds

    Steel microstructural analysis competition held(Youtube broadcasting, 2018.09)

Total-Solution Provider based on Analysis and Assessment of Materials and Components