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Anode Materials Research Group

Anode Materials Research Group

  • research area
  • Artificial graphite for LiB anode

  • Manufacturing process from coal tar-derived coke into artificial graphite product
  • Control technology of particle size & shape for high performance
  • Surface modification technology of particles for fast charging
  • Si-C composite for LiB anode

  • Fabrication technology of Si-C composite anode materials with high capacity
  • Composite particle formation technology utilizing Nano-sizing process
  • Surface modification technology of particles for long lifetime
  • Li metal anode for Next generation batteries

  • Fabrication technology of thin Li metal anode using electroplating process
  • Li metal protective coating technology for improved battery life and safety
  • Development of next generation batteries utilizing Li metal anode
  • Coke as Raw Materials for Artificial Graphite

  • Improvement of coke properties by pretreatment of raw materials
  • Diversification of feedstock through application of alternative precursors
  • Customization of coke for graphite electrodes and LiB anodic materials
  • Graphite Electrode

  • Fundamental manufacturing process of artificial graphite electrode for EAF
  • Improvement in intrinsic/extrinsic puffing during graphitization of coal based graphite electrode
  • Analysis of pitch impregnation into carbonized body and density control by the technology
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastic (CFRTP)

  • Continuous carbon fiber tow spreading and coating technology
  • Development of thermoplastic resin impregnated ultra-slim CF tape & sheet
  • Optimization of hot press condition and low pressure forming process
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

  • Design and manufacturing technology of SOFC cell and stack
  • Cell and stack technology for high temperature electrolysis