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Cathod Materials Research Group

Cathode Materials Research Group

  • research area
  • Layered structured cathode materials for Electric Vehicles

  • High Ni contents cathode materials manufacturing technology
      - Control of metal composition and particle shape
         for high energy density
      - Co-doping and firing technology for high capacity
         and long cycle life
      - Coating technology for power density and cycle
         life enhancement
  • Development of single particle cathode materials for high stability
  • Research on reaction mechanism based on atomic scale characterization including first principle calculation
  • Advanced manufacturing process for cathode materials

  • Cost-effective calcination technology for mass production
  • Process optimization of cathode precursor for better production yield
  • Design and optimize of novel concept production line for energy efficiency
  • Next generation cathode materials

  • Cathode material for solid-state batteries
      - Protective coating for stabilization of
         electrolyte/electrode interface
      - Manufacturing of solid electrolyte/cathode
  • Ultra high capacity lithium-rich cathode materials
      - Technology for structural stability improvement
         during operation