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Industrial Materials Research Group

Industrial Materials Research Group

  • research area
  • Ti & Al manufacturing & Products solutions

  • Ti sheet manufacturing process & quality improvement
      - Surface quality Enhancement of Ti products
      - Titanium Cathode Plate for Copper Foil Making
      - Ti alloys design & manufacturing for Aircraft
  • Al alloys design and producing
      - Casting technology for automotive parts
      - Al alloys for EV battery housing and Aircraft
  • Mg & Cu alloys Manufacturing & Applications

  • Mg alloys design & wide coil manufacturing
      - Strip Casting of wide Mg sheet coil
      - Mg refining technologies for high purity & alloying
      - Application study of Mg sheet
  • Cu alloys for high strength & high conductivity
      - Continuous casting & rolling of high purity Cu
      - Rolling for high thickness accuracy & defects
  • Core Materials and Components for New Mobility

  • Materials and applications for Eco-friendly vehicles
      - High Mn steel for Hydrogen transportation piping
      - Ti bipolar plate for FCEV
      - High pressure H2 storage tank with Wire-wound
  • Development & application of soft magnetic materials for high performance motor
      - Fabrication of high magnetic saturation & low core
         loss thin plate
       - Design and modularization of high performance
         motor core
  • Metal powder manufacturing & 3D printing

  • Metal powder mass production & applications
      - Water Atomization: Fe powder, tool steel powder
      - Gas Atomization: soft magnetic powder, High Mn
         steel powder
      - Metal powder applications: High Si electric steel
         sheet, high performance Inductor/MLCC
  • 3D Printing process & applications
       - DfAM parts design for high productivity
      - Service life extension for high Temp. applications
      - Assessment of 3D printing parts properties & post
  • Ni smelting and high purity technologies

  • Pyro/Hydro metallurgical technology of Ni oxide ore
      - Drying/Calcination and H2 reduction process
      - Ni, Co leaching and cementation process
  • High purity technology of Ni, Co sulfate
      - Solvent extraction and crystallization process
  • Ni, Co, Li recovery technology from various LiB scrap
  • Research on high value-added rare metals and resources

  • Rare metal smelting and refining technology
      - REE(Nd, Sc etc.) separation and refining process
      - Fluidized bed chlorination of Ti
      - Ferroalloy EAF refining process
  • High value-added technology of resources
      - Manufacturing technology of mineral wool
      - High purity silicate ore manufacturing technology
      - Recycling technology of FeMn dust and PM scrap
  • Ceramic single crystal growth technologies

  • SiC single crystal wafer manufacturing
      - 100, 150mm SiC single crystal growth technology
         for high power device applications
      - Precise wafer processing technologies
      - 150mm SiC epitaxial growth for high power device
      - 100mm HPSI SiC single crystal growth technology
         for 5G
  • AlN single crystal growth technology for UV_C LED
  • Amorphous metal manufacturing & applications

  • Amorphous ribbon fabrication technology
      - Casting of high purity Fe-base amorphous alloy and continuous coiling process
      - Application of amorphous ribbon in core part of
  • Fabrication & application technology of bulk amorphous alloy
      - Fe/Zr-based bulk amorphous alloy design and
         development of rapid solidification process
      - Application study on electric components(bezel,
         hinge part of mobile phone)