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Environment & Energy Research Group

Environment & Energy Research Group

  • research area
  • Air pollutant monitoring and treatment

  • Monitoring and treatment technology for air pollutants(PM10, PM2.5, NOx, SOx etc)
  • Complex combustion technology for NOx reduction of coke process
  • Modeling and risk assessment of air pollutants
  • Forecast system development for PM and malodor
  • Wastewater advanced treatment and reuse

  • Advanced treatment of wastewater(nitrogen, phosphorus, and micro-pollutants)
  • Reuse and zero discharge of wastewater and process water
  • Management of scale deposit and corrosion of process water
  • Optimization and automatic operation of wastewater
  • Restoration of contaminants in soil and groundwater

  • Monitoring and modeling of soil and groundwater
  • Treatment of soil and groundwater In-Situ and Ex-Situ
  • Clean technology of pickling process

  • Nitric acid free picking process of stainless steel production
  • Development and application of on-line acid analyzer for reduction of NOx and acid use
  • Massive upcycling and high value application of byproduct from steel industry

  • Massive upcycling of blast furnace slag using PosMnet technology
  • Triton, artificial reef, development and application: Yeosu EXPO and Ulng island
  • Precious metal recovery from byproduct from manufacturing process
  • Development of alternative material for concreate aggregate using ferronickel slag
  • High value application of complex slags : tetrapod of super seawall