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Environment & Energy Research Laboratory

The Environment & Energy Research Laboratory focuses its research capability on diversification of energy sources and improvement of energy efficiency. It is actively responding to environmental pollution by participating in the development of environmental purification technology and by-product recycling technology.

Key research areas

Particulate Matter, Environment, Energy and Resources

R&D Achievement

Carbon dioxide utilization

  • "Technology that converts carbon dioxide to a fuel"

    Capture carbon dioxide from steelworks, inject into coke ovens

    Reaction with carbon increases the amount of generated coke oven gas, which can be used as a reducing agent for iron ore (e.g., as a fuel)

    1 million tons of carbon dioxide reduction annually at steelworks is expected

Kalina generation

  • "Power generation system using waste heat from industrial facilities"

    Turbines operate using exhaust gas heat of industrial facilities

    Energy-efficient technology recovers waste heat energy and converts it to electricity

    It has been applied to POSCO Gwangyang Works (600-kW class)

'®Triton', Steel slag reefs

  • "Artificial Reefs made of steel slag"

    Steel slag contains large amounts of valuable minerals for marine life such as iron and calcium that promote the growth and photosynthesis of algae and have the effects of increasing habitat, remediating contaminated sediments and purifying water

    Expo 2012 Yeosu "The Living Ocean and Coast" implemented by the Triton Sea Forest

    Implementation in 12 domestic coastal areas (e.g., fishery village)