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RIST is a practical technology research institute that was established in 1987 by POSCO.

RIST has contributed to the technology development of POSCO and KOREA over the last 30 years, and is now focusing on technology development for the future of humanity from energy-related research, such as renewable energy and smart grids, to environmental research such as particulate matter reduction, carbon dioxide utilization and slag recycling.

RIST also studies materials technology that makes up main axis of the future industry. Topics studied include raw materials such as lithium; high-strength lightweight materials such as titanium and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic; and rechargeable battery materials.

RIST also commercializes technologies and supports small and medium enterprises by technology transfer.

From now on, RIST will take a step on the great road toward becoming a global research institution that focuses on commercialization of technology.

RIST will do its best to develop technologies that will satisfy customers.

Thank you.

,   President