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Materials Research Laboratory

Materials Research Laboratory is focusing on developing materials technology that is pivotal to future industry. Topics include lightweight materials, battery materials and aerospace materials.

Key business areas

Metallic materials, Materials utilization, Titanium, Nickel refining, Lithium extraction, Battery materials

R&D Achievement

Direct Lithium extraction from brine

  • "Technology for extracting Lithium from brine in a short time"

    Conventional process: solar evaporation of brine, then extraction of Lithium

    Developed process: directly extracts Lithium by a chemical process

    Developed process takes less than a month to extract Lithium from brine regardless of weather conditions, and achieves high purity

Nickel hydrometallurgical extraction

  • "Technology for extracting Nickel from low-grade Nickel ore"

    Raw material : ‘limonite’, low-grade Nickel ore which is not used in the industry

    Recycles more than 90% of additives like Hydrogen, Hydrochloric acid and

    Also extracts secondary product such as Iron and Cobalt

PG-NCM cathode material

  • "High-efficiency, ecologically benign PG-NCM secondary battery cathode material development"

    Cathode material: material that stores the Lithium-ion secondary battery during discharge,

    High capacity over 215 mAh/g and Improved longevity and safety by establishing a concentration gradient